Do You Want To Win At The Races? Tips For Horse Racing Enthusiasts

If you happen to be like many of my pub’s guests or myself, there is a good chance that you are into horse racing. No surprise given that we have a rather famous racetrack, the fantastic Exeter racecourse close by right here in our area!

Horse RacingOn the other hand, while we have a good number of local horse racing aficionados, most of them merely enjoy the races but never made a lot of money with their bets.

There is the one or the other exception though. One of those guys who just won a fortune at the track is my buddy Andrew. And as you can imagine,  as soon as he told me about his winnings I immediately asked him about  his betting strategy.

Andrew told me there is really no secret winning system out there but that all those horseracing tips that work are based on good insider knowledge about the races. He said that he got his horse racing tips from the Horse Racing Pro website.

Then I asked him about much it cost him to get those tips. He told me that those horseracing tips are pretty cheap and of course this investment will immediately pay off as soon as you start winning with those tips anyway.

He also told me that there are free horse racing tips on the horse racing pro website which means that those want to try this out can do this without having to pay anything. I think this is a really good idea, unlike any other systems out there where people are supposed to pay without even knowing whether the horse racing tips work or not. So if you want to start winning at the races, I recommend you do what Andrew did and check out the horse racing pro website for some good horse racing tips.

Irish Pubs in China, Argentina, Kosovo …

According to an article at the BBC, some areas in this world see a decline of Irish Pubs opening, in particular in those places that the articles calls “saturated”, like New York City and Ireland itself. In Ireland, almost 1000 pubs had been closed in the last several years.

In other locations tho the traditional Irish Pub is as popular as ever and in some locations we can even see a growth of popularity. More pubs have been opened in Atlanta, GA, Canada and Dubai, Arabia recently.

Check out the article, there are some great pictures of Irish Pubs in very exotic locations, such as Nepal near Mt. Everest or Cusco, Peru!

A Recommendation For You: The Singing Waiters

Last week I met someone of the singing waiters. I have to admit that I didn’t know too much about them before so I took this as an opportunity to learn more about them since I have at least two of my relatives, Jeremy and Lory, planning a wedding this summer. And as so many others who plan a giant wedding reception they’re pretty stressed out because they want to do everything as “perfect” as possible. And obviously, both of them want to do “something really unique” since they don’t want to have a reception like anyone else.

Singing waitersSo what are the singing waiters you may wonder now?

The singing waiters provide musical entertainment for such events like private or corporate parties and of course wedding receptions. You can hire them instead (or in addition to) your music band and they will put on an awesome show for your guests.

What makes them so unique and entirely different to any other form of event entertainment is that they are surprise singers, that means that they’re usually in disguise. When their performance starts it’s always a big surprise for the guests since no-one expected them!

Say, they may dress like normal waiters and even spend some time serving food and drink to your guests for a while. At some point which you can talk over with them before your reception they will start their surprise performance with music, dancing and singing. This often goes along with some sort of fun act, like they’re pretending to argue at first to get anyone’s attention, something like that.

The singing waiters are professional entertainers and most of them have learned at one of the UK’s major theatres such as the West End Theatre. They are definitely not just your average pub singers – those guys have incredible talent! You will realize this immediately when their show starts, this is world-class entertainment that’s fantastic for any wedding reception where you really want to blow your guests away!

I can definitely recommend that you check their site out and that you book them if you want to do something really cool for your reception. I also told Jeremy and Lory about them and they already booked the singing waiters for the summer!

Some of The Best Rooftop Bars in London

Rooftop bars in London are amazing. What can be better than enjoying a cool beer, listening to chilled sounds together with awesome views over the British capital? Of course, not every rooftop bar in London is equally cool and can be recommended. Some places call themselves rooftop bar but all you will see is walls rather than a cool view over the city. Then there are those bars where the service or their selection on food and drink simply stinks.

Here is a good list of rooftop bars in London with a lot of helpful information about them. Many of the places you can also book for your own private events. The list contains 20 bars but there are more recommendations if you check the comment section as well. It will make it easier for you to find the best rooftop bar in your area. Check it out!

Fire Safety & Your Pub

As a pub owner in the United Kingdom you will know that fire safety for sure is not to be taken lightly. That’s certainly a good thing and I am really glad we have those strict regulations here in the UK. The least which I would want is to jeopardize my guest’s safety. I want them to be safe and sound especially in a place like a pub where a fire is always possible.

ansulTwo months ago I had a consultation with Tim, my friend at the Fairhaven fire brigade. I wanted to know what I can do for effective fire suppression in the kitchen. For me and my staff who work in the kitchen all day long it is clear that there must be a better, moe reliable fire suppression system in place. A simple fire extinguisher would hardly cut it was my reasoning.

Tim was the one who pointed me to the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system which I liked immediately when he explained it to me.

From what I understood, the Ansul is a fire suppression system that can directly extinguish fires where they occur, such as from the grills with hot oils or the large ovens we have.

Tim also let me know that systems like sprinklers and similar other systems won’t work in a kitchen, you cannot extinguish those fires with water as anyone who works in a kitchen frying and cooking should hopefully now. The Ansul is a special system that is perfect fort hat purpose because it can also cool off the equipment very fast.

It was just a few years ago when a major restaurant here in town had a fire and it lead to several injured guests and damages amounting to almost a million GBP. The restaurant had to go out of business because of that. Needless to say, a good fire suppression system could have saved them all those hassles.

I am glad we have the Ansul in-place now because now I know my staff and my guests are a lot safer with it. I want to thank ARGOS Fire UK for their advice and helpful tips as well! In conclusion, if you’re a pub owner, I can without hesitation recommend you look into the Ansul and fire alarms Exeter. if you ask me, nothing should be more important than the safety of your guests and employees.